• Ultimate lazy outfit. Seriously, you only put on one thing. No trousers, no skirt, no tights. Put on the dress and bam! You’re dressed and ready to go.
  • Your legs are covered so you don’t have to shave them (if you shave), or put suncream or tanning lotion on them or anything. Bruises? Veiny legs? Who cares? Maxi dress!
  • They’re long and flowy and you can let the skirt blow about in the wind with no danger of unwittingly exposing your underwear.
  • They can be casual or you can make them into a party outfit, seriously just change your shoes and put on some make-up or jewellery or some shit and bam! Zero to party in moments.
  • They look bitchin and are loose and comfy as fuck.

The moral of this story is that everyone needs to start wearing maxi dresses. Even the dudes. You heard me. Get to it. Wake up sheeple.