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Even though the movie’s over a year old, I’ll play it safe and give a warning for spoilers. Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the film.

1.       Baymax

I knew I was going to love Baymax. I just had no idea how much. He’s adorable, he’s funny, he’s kind, and he looks after Hiro the way Tadashi would have if he’d still been alive, and don’t touch me, just leave me alone to cry on the floor. I want a Baymax. We all need a Baymax in our lives.

2.       No romantic subplots. Like, at all.

Don’t misunderstand me here; I don’t have an all-consuming hatred of romance plots. Some of my favourite films (Frozen, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc) have romantic subplots. It’s just that romance plots are everywhere (and often shoehorned in when they aren’t necessary), so it’s really refreshing to see a film that doesn’t need any romance storyline at all and instead focusses on friendships and familial love, particularly for an aromantic person like me. I mean, they don’t even have couples in the background. Aunt Cass is single (it’s also great to see a single woman older than 25 not portrayed as a loser, by the way), Abigail’s mom is never seen… I’m not saying background couples would detract. It’s just so rare not to have them that it’s worth mentioning.

3.       The emotional storyline

I did not bring enough tissues to the damn cinema. Tadashi’s death is heartbreaking. Seeing how horribly it affected Hiro just makes it worse, and when Baymax sacrifices himself (yes, I know Hiro builds another one but still) it’s as though Hiro is losing the last part of Tadashi that was left behind. I loved how Hiro’s friends were there for him and he wasn’t just told to man up and get over it.

4.       A whole team of nerdy main characters

Usually you only get one nerdy character. In Big Hero Six, all the main characters are nerds, and they are celebrated for it, not mocked. Obviously, I’m biased, being kind of nerdy myself, but it’s great that kids are getting a ‘science is cool’ message. There’s also a diverse range of characters in race, appearance and personality.

5.       Great superhero outfits/powers (and zero sexualisation of the female characters)

As fond as I am of super-powered characters, it was great to see the heroes of Big Hero Six using weapons based on their skills and knowledge to fight, rather than supernatural powers. The outfits also looked great; I loved the colourful look. And GoGo and Honey Lemon had actual practical armour that wasn’t made to be sexy. That’s not exactly rare for Disney characters (since their films are made to be child friendly) but it definitely is for female superheroes. Also, neither the tomboy nor the girly girl is portrayed as superior to the other, which is great.

6.       Villain motivation

I loved the fact that the villain’s motivation came from something painful and human (grief for a daughter) rather than simple greed or lust for power. I don’t mean to say Evil For the Sake of it isn’t interesting (sometimes it is) but the idea that someone who was a normal person and a loving father could become so desperate for revenge that he’d be willing to kill a child and his own students is even more frightening. Also, we get some scary but awesome parallels with Hiro, who, fortunately, had his friends to pull him back from the edge.

All in all, Big Hero Six was amazing. Amazing.

I am satisfied with my film.